Millinery Wire


Available Colors: Black and White
Available Types: Extra Heavy, Heavy, Medium, Light Weight


Millinery Wire: Shaping and Supporting Stylish Creations

Millinery wire is a specialized type of wire used in hat making (millinery) to provide structure, shape, and support. With a rich history and diverse range of applications, this malleable yet sturdy material has become a staple for milliners, crafters, and artists alike.


  • Origins: Wire has been used for centuries, with early versions often made of fine steel or copper.
  • Industrial Revolution Impact: Advances in wire production led to more specialized types, including millinery wire, becoming widely available.
  • 20th Century: Throughout the 20th century, it played a crucial role in shaping the fashion-forward hats of each era.

Construction & Types

  • Metal Core: Features a flexible metal core, typically fine gauge steel or aluminum for strength and shaping ability.
  • Cotton, Paper, or Nylon Coating: The coating protects fabric, prevents rusting, and adds stiffness. Paper-covered is particularly common, allowing for easy sewing.
  • Gauge:  Wire comes in different thicknesses (gauges). Lighter gauges are more pliable, while heavier ones offer greater support.
    • Millinery: Primary application used to form wired brims on hats, create structured foundations, and add decorative wired elements.
    • Costuming & Theatre: Employed in masks, headpieces, and costumes to create and maintain unique shapes.


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Light, Medium, Heavy, Extra Heavy


Black, White