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FOSSHAPE is a thick felt like material that is moldable. Reacts to steam, heat, and dry heat. When exposed to heat, the FOSSHAPE becomes very flexible, which allows the you to shape it. To get the material heated, all you need is a steam iron ,hot air gun or  costume steamer. Some of its primary uses are for head pieces, sub-structures, ornamental effects, masks, props, and scenic materials. FOSSHAPE can be applied on to itself, hot glued, stapled to paper, wood, cloth, and WONDERFLEX. Fosshape is available in 300 Medium Weight  and 600 Heavy Weight 

Comes in White only
  1 Yard # 300 at $29.95      1 Yard # 600 at  $ 45.90 per yard 
Step 1: Cutting Step 2: Sewing






Stuffing + Forming


Step 3: Layering Step 4: Heating


Price: varies
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