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How the time-honored techniques used in the forging of Japanese samurai swords, repeatedly pounding and shaping red-hot iron, have been preserved and adopted in the production of modern day cutlery is truly a fascinating story.

Shozaburo has applied this traditional Japanese craftsmanship to the production of quality shears. Shears are delicate instruments that rely on the harmonious meshing of two blades. For this reason, Shozaburo selects only the finest material for their shears. They have thoroughly forge, precisely sharpen, and carefully polish these materials. Every step taken in producing the Shozaburo line of shears combines traditional Japanese craftsmanship developed over the years with the most modern cutlery production technology. This harmony of bringing together both the traditional and the modern resonates through every pair of Shozaburo shears.

Shozaburo has maintained an unwavering dedication to producing the best possible shears. Feel the reliability and traditional craftsmanship every time you use your Shozaburo shears. We, at Richard The Thread, are honored and delighted to bring our customers the finest scissors in the world. Once you have used these scissors, you will never go back to using your ordinary scissors again.

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