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 Hook and Eyes

In the dark ages clothing was not to be adorned with anything. As a result the method for closing garmets were hooks and eyes in black only. The Amish still use this method .

Today, Hooks and Eyes come in nickle and black in sizes 0 1 2 3 4 5 6,

Along  with a variety of other sizes created by the design team at Richard the Thread of Hollywood California for Ballet Opera and Theater costume usage with very specific needs in mind.

The other styles are known as  Fallstaff, TuTu, Pelican ,Pavarotti, Neuvo Laredo, and  Scabbard.

TuTu  Hook
The tutu is a large U shaped hook and eye for extra heavy tutus. It is a very sturdy open throated hook.

The Pelican hook was created by the Prym Corporation and has a large throat with a bent nose.

Pavarotti Hook and Bar
The Pavarotti hook is then largest pant hook made with a bar.For very heavy weight pants and clown costumes.

Nuevo Laredo
The nuevo laredo hook and bar is a smaller version of the Pavarotti with ornamental drawing on the face.

The scabbard is a very long nose open throated hook in brass and black used for attatching swords to belts.

KIng Henry Hook and Bar
The King Henry hook and bar  is the most popular fastener for tutus because it alows the costumer to add a second set of bars to a tutu.The King Henry is also know as the number 6 hook and bar.

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