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WONDERFLEX also known as the “Celastic replacement” is a Formica-like material that responds to heat. When heated, it is capable of taking many different forms and molds. WONDERFLEX allows the user to easily paint, decorate, and apply different coatings to its surface. To begin molding, the material needs to be heated to 150-170 degrees Fahrenheit; this can be achieved with a hot air gun, microwave, or hot water. A few examples where WONDERFLEX works well with are headpieces, animatronics, modeling, prototypes, 3-D displays, ornamental effects, masks, props, theatre, and set design work. WONDERFLEX can be hot glued to paper, wood, cloth, and also FOSSHAPE.

Price: 1 Sheet 43" x 55" at $69.90

Price: Half Sheet 27 1/2" x 43" at $35.90

Comes in White only
Simple Step through guide
Step 1
Measure how much WONDERFLEX is needed

Step 2

Heat up your WONDERFLEX to 150-170 degrees fahrenheit

Use either Hot Water, Hot-Air Gun, or Microwave to heat


Step 3 

Place WONDERFLEX over object to start molding


Step 4

Use hands to mold WONDERFLEX to your specific shape


Step 5

Reheat WONDERFLEX in order to mold material more



Step 6

Outline the WONDERFLEX to begin cutting

Mask design and construction my www.JayLasnikArt.com

Price: varies
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